Viking water polo defeats the Lancers


As the crowd scrutinizes the game, Megan Navarez, junior, throws the ball to Alexandria Perez, freshman, at the Downey Aquatic Center on Dec.6. Both Navarez and Perez were players for the Commerce Water Polo Team.

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

Varsity girls water polo took home yet another victory on Dec. 6 as they beat Lakewood High School at the Downey Aquatic Center 10-5.

Due to their recent winning streak, the girls entered the pool with high expectations. Last year, they played against Lakewood and endeavored an intense game, including periods of overtime and even sudden death. Even then, the team made sure it was their priority to win.

“Last year,” senior Kathy Gaytan said, “we went into triple overtime with them and it was surprising that we were ahead.”

Right into the game, a strong sense of team spirit was felt. Though not every play was a complete success, the girls showed high amounts of unity during both the first and second quarters. Little by little, players such as junior Meghan Nevarez and freshman Alex Perez added points to the scoreboard.  Once the beginning half game came to a conclusion, the lady Vikes were in the lead with 6-1.

“When halftime came, I knew for sure we were going to win,” goalie Candice Potvin said. “Lakewood had no chance against us because we were so ahead of them.

Creeping into the third quarter, the ladies kept both a strong offense and defense. Once 4:35 came around, Nevarez made yet another goal, leaving the score at 7-1. Feeling a bit intimidated, Lakewood’s coach called a time out in order to instill a bit of team spirit into the girls. Back in the game, the girls on both teams had an uprising in motivation. After much time of different plays, junior Norma Flores made a hard pass to Venezia Gamboa, which added another point to the girls for a total score of 9-1.

After a failed attempt by Lakewood, the bell rung and the last quarter of the game commenced, leaving the Vikings in the lead by 8 points. Now that bench entered the arena, the Lancers seemed to gain a strong lead in regards to the plays that were performed. Minute by minute, the ladies struggled to keep the opposing team from scoring. Even after another goal by Downey, Lakewood had gone up a total of four points, leaving the pool with an ending score of 10-5.

“Last year we lost by one,” Nevarez said. “To win by a lot this year made a big statement [showing people] that we are a better team this year.”

Though the lady Vikes had a recent loss against Milikan on Dec. 7, they have not lost the slightest bit of hope.  As the girls proceed through their season, they are working to make sure they put their upmost effort into each of their upcoming games.