A second round of bear meat


In hopes of scoring a touchdown against Warren, Dallas Lopez, 12, throws the ball to Alex Martinez, 12, at the Justice Stadium on Friday, Oct. 14. Lopez had a total of seven completed passes, and the game ended with a victory of 28-6.

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

After a long brawl between the Downey and Warren varsity football teams, the Vikings emerged victorious on Oct 14 with a total score of 28-6.

Along with a new school year came a different game setting. Students across campus prepared to cheer for their relative team at the Justice Stadium located at Warren. The tension between the two teams was at a high level; the moment of truth had come.

“The Downey/Warren football match is a fun and intense game,” running-back Alex Martinez said. “To us, it’s one of the biggest games in the season.”

Right into the first quarter, it was evident that the Bears were prepared to do everything in their power to secure a touchdown. Play by play, their offense overpowered Downey’s struggling defense. At around 5:10 on the clock, the Bears took the first 6 points of the game. To Warren’ disadvantage, the poorly kicked field goal was not made, leaving the score at 6-0.

As the second quarter came around, the guys were ready to follow Warren up on their previous touchdown. Although it was a tough first half with various insufficient plays, Martinez made his way to the end zone, leaving the score at 7-6.

“The team came out with a chip on their shoulders in the second half and really stepped up, dominated, and took over the game,” head coach Jack Williams said. “We are getting better and as a coach that is all you can really ask for. I am proud of our team of how far we have come.”

Once half time came to an end, both teams re entered the field in hopes of assuring themselves the win. After a perfect pass from quarterback Dallas Lopez, senior Jabari Ruffin was sent off to make a 64-yard touchdown. To Downey’s advantage, the score was set at 14-6.

Third quarter was considered the ultimate closure for the students on the visitor’s side. After various plays, the unstoppable duo, consisting of Lopez and Martinez, worked to make sure the Vikings would prevail. By the end of the game, the total score had gone up to 28-6, giving the varsity football team their first league win.

“Our team did really good,” Lopez said. “Not just the players, but the fans, the sideline, and the coaches. We all got together and executed.”

The support of the Vikings served as an igniter for their following game against Gahr, ending with a score of 51-21. Though it has not been the best of years in regards to football, the team can proudly boast the fact that they won against Warren two years in a row.