Reflections of romance

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

Color Guard performed one of their most successful routines on March 27 and accomplished placing first out of the nine schools from their division that attended the highly anticipated competition hosted by Downey High School.

Since 8 in the morning, the ruckus had begun throughout the campus. Different schools from all over California were beginning to arrive for the upcoming competition. As the hours passed by slowly but surely, Color Guard steadily awaited their chance to perform and impress the judges once again.

When the time for the school’s color guard team had finally arrived, the girls came into the gym with confidence in their black uniforms. Once all the props were finally set up, the music began and led the girls to performing one of their best shows yet.

“That was unlike anything I had seen all day,” junior Jessika Garcia said. “Honestly the only thing I could say is wow!”

The audience stood awe struck once the show had come to a conclusion. The different passionate movements and the black backdrops used by the team stood far above the rest when it came down to picking the best performance. Not only that, but the team’s uniforms and violet and yellow flags provided an array of colors and entertainment for the audience.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that we are highly underestimated,” Color Guard captain Cecilia Covarrubias said. “People don’t seem to understand how hard it is to organize and put on a simple four-minute show.”

Much time was invested in order to make sure the performance came out just right. The girls spent most of their time practicing and refining their routine, always making sure that everything went in concordance to their theme: “Reflections of Romance”.

“I love being able to put on a unique performance,” captain Laureen Perri said. “Yet my main goal is to make sure people enjoyed the show to its fullest.”

In the end, it was almost impossible not to notice how well organized, prepared, and skilled these girls are. Anywhere the color guard team competes, people should be sure to have an enjoyable time watching their performance.