Bring on the food trucks


Gourmet Food Trucks arrive to sell their food on campus every Friday, from 5:30-9:30, in order to fundraise for the athletic department. With the view of trucks from Brookshire Ave. and Firestone Blvd. customers stopped by to try the dishes.

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

In order to add a little flavor to Friday nights on campus, an agreement was made so that a variety of food trucks may be present on campus from now until December.


In the past, when most people thought of food trucks, an image of cheap and greasy aliments couldn be easily formed, yet these are quiet the contrary.  Goodies of all kinds could be found throughout the bunch. Present on Sep. 16 were Curb A Peel, Rebel Bite, Jose O Malley’s, Phamish, Global Soul, Naan Stop, Maui Wowi, and Tapa Boy. Though they were all on wheels, each brought a different type of food to the table.


“The fact that each station had different kinds of food really caught my attention,” senior Francis Flores said. “On top of that, it all smelled really good!”


As 6 p.m. came rolling around, so did the line of providers. Once they were set up, aromas of all sorts took over the parking lot. Not only was there the usual combo of a small burger and fries, but there was other sorts; such as seafood, tacos, burritos, Pilipino food, and much more.


“The Shrimp Poboy was excellent,” senior Jacqueline Campos said. “It had a great taste. The sauces gave it the perfect touch.”

Although none of the trucks were of common restaurants, students and staff alike have learned to try new foods. One example was Isacc Vavela. Though he’s never heard of The Surfer Taco, he thought their food was superb.


“The fish tacos were amazing!” Vavela said. “I’m going to make sure I come back someday.”


With so many competitors, many of the small businesses had a worker stand outside and offer samples to the bystanders. Worker Stephen Dominguez of the Raging Cajun made sure to greet his consumers with a happy attitude and a smile.


“Stephen seemed like a really nice person,” junior Julie Mendoza said. “He provided us with excellent service and was giving free samples to everyone. The more the better!”


After having gone through three successful Fridays, only the best can be expected from now until late December.