Swim’s road to finals

Swims road to finals

In the third round of the boys section at the swim meet held on April 28, Edward Moreno back strokes his way through the match against his Warren opponents. Unfortunately, the team was defeated by Warren, but they were still allowed to move on to finals.

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

After countless hours of preparation, the boys and girls swim team strove to win a medal in the league finals on May 5 against Warren, Paramount, and Gahr.

It had been a tough time for the Downey swimmers according to various members on the team. Prior to any of the final events hosted, the Vikes suffered a loss against their cross-town rivals. It was their first defeat against the Bears in a matter of years; however, nothing stopped the swimmers from inputting their upmost performance during prelims.

“[Finals] were more intense because they determined if we would win league or not,” sophomore Meghan Nevarez said. “On top of that you are swimming with the top swimmers in your league competing for a medal.”

Once prelims arrived on May 3, it was the swimmers’ responsibility to compete against other schools in the San Gabriel Valley League for a shot at finals. Contenders from the different schools that didn’t make it stood as hopefuls for the preceding year’s competition.

“Even though I didn’t make it,” freshman Nataly Romero said, “I’m going to put my heart into it next year so that once the new season comes around I can make it to finals.”

Though not victorious in all of their races, girl swimmers such as Linsay Gonzalez, Meghan Nevarez, and Faith Hundtoft obtained the first place medal in the 100-meter butterfly, 4×50-meter freestyle, and the 100-meter breaststroke. On the other hand, Derek Klotzer stood as a representative for Downey after he took second place in the 500-meter free.

“My goal was just to do to the best that I could over the past four years,” Klotzer said. “I can honestly say I passed that with flying colors.”

When the final scores were released, the dismaying sound of defeat reached the ears of the Vikings. The Bears had accumulated a total of 188 while the girls gained the lesser number of 154. Nonetheless, the team was proud for having the girls place second and the guys placing third.

“Every event, each girl had her teammates cheering for her and it was wonderful to see that support,” Gonzalez said. “I’m really going to miss them and I know they will do great next year because this team has a lot of girls that are so full of potential.”

Now that finals are over, the swim team has high hopes for the following season and is ready to prepare as much as needed so that they’ll come out successful.