Bringing it back together

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

On Jan. 22, math teacher Jack Williams was officially announced as the Varsity Head Football Coach with one goal in mind: making the football team the best they could possibly be both academically and physically.

“ We are looking forward to participating in different community events,” head coach Jack Williams said. “ Some of them include the Brown Bag lunch to Skid Road, visiting Rancho Los Amigos Children’s Center, the Downey Council PTA Helps Room, and different business help.”

With so many students trying to get into colleges and universities by playing football, it can get very difficult for student athletes now in days. This is why it’s Williams’ goal to show student athletes that they should excel in school and not just try and be a football star.

“By getting good grades it shows that you are a responsible student,” varsity football player Perry Gomez said. “By doing so it can help you go to college even if you don’t end up playing football.”

Along with a new head coach, the team also received a new set of standards. One element being emphasized more on the team is to try and achieve a minimum of a 2.5 GPA without their football grade. While for some balancing school and a sport can come with ease, it may not be as easy for their teammates.

“When a student plans to join a team, they accept the fact that they will have to balance both school and their sport,” sophomore Krystal McEachern said.

Yet if a student falls below the academic requirement, he or she fears having to sit out a game and ultimately be kicked off the team. For some this may seem fair, but for others, it’s plain out wrong.

“If a student did fall below the requirement,” sophomore Salvador Torres said. “He should be given a chance to get his grades back up or at least work something out with his coach.”

Nonetheless, the new head coach is trying his best to maintain a positive rapport between teachers and both coaches and students.

“I think our coach has done an excellent job so far,” Gomez said. “He’s really trying his best to change the different problems among the Downey High football team.”

Overall, big changes are being looked forward to towards the oncoming year. Changes meant for the better and never for the worse.