Downey Street Fair

Downey Street Fair

Many pop-up stands decorate Brookshire Avenue on May 7, as the annual Downey Street Fair takes place. Local business owners offered samples of their services and products while others took advantage of the amount of Downey residents that showed up and served food and drinks for a small price.

Roy Mendoza and Irene Luna

Downey’s very own Marching Band performed at the 18th Annual Downey Street Faire, which was held on Sat. May 7 from 9 to 5 p.m. on Brookshire Avenue right next to Downey High School.  Marching up and down Brookshire multiple times, the band played mostly pep songs to keep the atmosphere upbeat and friendly to the family environment.

“The booths there are really random.  It’s like `I didn’t know this was in Downey’,” sophomore Hanna Suarez,  marching band member, said.

The marching band wasn’t the only musical entertainment of the day, though.  A punk metal band and Warren High School’s Jazz ensemble were included on the set list, and crowds flocked to the stage to enjoy the live entertainment and various genres of music being played.

“I actually found out about the Downey Police Explorers program through the faire,” junior Valentina Thompson said.  “My mom was pushing me to look into the program, and finally when I did, I found it’s a great experience.  We learn self-defense and people skills as well, so it helps in whatever I do later on in life.”

The fair had a very friendly feel to it, with something for everyone in the family.  The different businesses, both small and large alike, set up booths up and down the street to promote their products.  Restaurants, trinket shops, and even churches renting out their dancing halls all gave out flyers and business cards, hoping to attract more and more customers.  Also, the various forms of advertisement included handing out flyers, pencils and even attracting customers with face painting booths.

“I got my face painted like David Bowie with the red lightning bolt on my face,” Suarez said.

Food and snack stands set up, selling various dishes like tacos, shaved ice, and Alligator meat.  Even children enjoyed themselves with the giant jumper-slides in the shapes of the Titanic sinking and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Old Memories Car Show was held in the south parking lot of DHS. People enjoyed the music and viewing the ostentatiously decorated vehicles.  The day was filled with family, food, and fun for the residents of Downey that participated in the event.