A musician in the making

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

Throughout the campus, many students seem to have unique and interesting talents, but sophomore Eros Purizaga caught the eye of many with his gift of playing and composing music with his guitar.

“ I saw one of his videos on YouTube yesterday,” freshman Julianne Mendoza said. “ I was amazed at how much passion and soul he has when he plays his guitar.”

It all started with the inspiration he received from watching his uncle playing the song “Sleepwalk” just two years ago. Almost right away Purizaga took on the challenge to play guitar and began playing his first song ever, “Johnny B. Goode”. Since then, he practices almost every day and enjoys playing along with his friends in and out of school.

“I honestly think playing instruments is in my blood,” Purizaga said. “My uncle is really gifted when it comes to playing instruments and composing his own music.”

One thing Purizaga might have gotten from his uncle is to always keep his mind open to all kinds of music when it concerns playing the guitar. Abroad the various music he plays, Purizaga mainly enjoys playing music with a jazzy-gospel kind of beat.

“I’ll play anything that sounds good, really, ” he said. “But I mainly like to play music that has a calmer beat like flamenco, blues, gospel, and jazz.”

In order to get more practice in, Purizaga ambitiously joined the Guitar Club along with a couple of his friends. Since then it has helped him keep practicing in order to try and perfect his guitar skills.

“We have a lot of fun in Guitar Club,” freshman Christian Concha said. “We all just jam together and form little groups to combine the best playing techniques.”

It’s hidden talents like these that give the world entertainment in their latter days. For Purizaga, it’s these hopes that he wishes to accomplish one day in the near future.