Introducing, the Senior Tables

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

In efforts to raise money for the senior class, Ms. Hill has begun promoting the anticipated “reserve-able” tables, which will be offered to students in want of a table solely for them and their friends.

As the new school year came around, a few teachers noticed the need to raise some more revenue for the upcoming senior class.  That’s when Ms. Sanchez stepped in and decided to donate 10 brand new tables which seat a total of 9-10 students. Right away opportunity kicked in and the teachers decided to basically rent the tables out for 200 dollars per semester. If students rent the table out, they and their group of friend will be the only ones allowed at that specific table for the remainder of the semester.

As the reservations become open for all classes on the upcoming day of October 4, some students have begun to look at this idea as a possible problem in the near future.

“Although it’s a way of raising money for the senor class,” junior Miriam Escamilla said, “it seems like if reserving these tables just adds on to the ever growing problem of social groups and cliques; and I’m sure the school doesn’t want that.”

On the other hand, most students look at this new concept as an opportunity to have a definite spot in the populous lunch and snack areas.

“I don’t really see this as a problem because anyone who doesn’t want to purchase a table can still sit at the red benches and other concrete tables out there,” said English teacher Ms. Hill.

In addition to this new system, students are being motivated to rent a table even more by the fact that the old tables are not going to be movable anymore.

“However, after these new tables are set up, all tables will be permanently attached to the ground and students will not be able to move them around to be near other tables,” Hill said.

Apart from the pros and cons that come along with the new tables, students are being offered a semester full of worry free moments and a definite spot for certain social groups and cliques– for a price that is.