Make it new

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

Since the week of Dec. 14, the long anticipated renovation of the school cafeteria begun in hopes of providing students with a newer, better eating environment.

On the first day back from winter break, students and staff came to school with a little surprise in sight.  Tall black fences were put up to barricade what was once known as the cafeteria in order to start the renewal. Demolition will follow through during the month of January and will end early February in order to start rebuilding.

“I’m excited about the new cafeteria,” junior Robert Mejico said. “Hopefully it’ll be a bigger, better place to eat.”

Due to the fact that the cafeteria is undergoing construction, lunch will be served in 14 different areas located between the four tuff sheds, the stadium, T1, and T2.  The temporary teachers lounge will be located at the other end of T1.  A variety of food will be served daily including pizza, cold and hot sandwiches, and the all new BBQ burgers beside a variation of condiments.

“It’s cool that they have the new barbequed food and all,” sophomore Jasmine Medrano said, “but sometimes waiting in line can be a drag.”

Along with the cafeteria’s rebirth comes quite a bit of chaos. Students all over campus have to scramble to the tuff sheds in order to avoid waiting in long lines and be able to get their lunch right away.  Unlike before, students don’t have as many options of where to go and what to choose.

Nonetheless, the directors of food services are working hard to lessen the overcrowding lines and provide students with a quick and easy lunch.

“Please be patient.  We are serving more lunches than we thought we would which is a good problem but we are frustrated as well,” Director of Food Services Christi Woods said. “Even though a whole semester seems like a long time to endure, find solace in knowing the new cafeteria will be fabulous!”

As the cafeteria renovation proceeds, the school faculty and the food distribution services are trying their best to keep smiles on people’s faces and provide enough food for students and staff.