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11 memorable aspects of 2011

11 memorable aspects of 2011

June 14, 2011

As the school year comes to an end, students across campus begin to reminisce on the memorable moments that made 2011 unique. 11. Black-Light Assembly- Once the month of Feb. arrived, ASB began to prepare for the annual Black-Light Assembly. In order to add a different vibe, they based it on the remake...

Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

November 5, 2010

Vikings swarmed into the gym on Nov. 3 to donate blood for the 2010 Fall Blood Drive sponsored by the American Red Cross. The gym transformed from an athletic court into a blood bank as black stretchers covered the floor, volunteers assisted donors throughout the room, and students walked with red arm...

New Cafeteria

Brandon Pineda

September 30, 2010

After months of avoiding construction and frustration, the new cafeteria is now open to the student body to sit and enjoy lunch. Students have been awaiting the new cafeteria after months of anticipation. New renovations have been added to the new establishment. There are now booths and tables where...

Make it new

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

February 1, 2010

Since the week of Dec. 14, the long anticipated renovation of the school cafeteria begun in hopes of providing students with a newer, better eating environment. On the first day back from winter break, students and staff came to school with a little surprise in sight.  Tall black fences were put...

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