In the background: Mrs. Tina Campos


With scholarships coming left and right, Ms. Campos takes care of accepting financial aid as the Career Technician. Campos joined the Viking staff at the same time as Mr. Houts in 2005.

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

While students go about their daily routines, there are many people that contribute to the wholesomeness of each school day—one of those being Mrs. Tina Campos in the College and Career Center.


As the Career Technician, Mrs. Campos deals with the majority of aspects related to education after high school. Yet, apart from peoples’ initial beliefs, this was not her first plan of action. After attending a few years at Cerritos College, she transferred over to Cal State Long Beach. Her overall plan consisted of two elements: majoring in Health and acquiring a minor in Computer Applications.


“People normally wouldn’t expect me to be a Health major but that’s what I decided to follow,” Campos said. “I even have my teaching credentials for Computer Applications. Go figure!”


As Campos entered the workforce, she decided to join the Downey Unified School District. Her first position was at West Middle School. There she would organize the records for the many students on campus, which included getting transcripts ready and jobs of that sort. Even then, she felt that she needed to further the impact she had on students.


In 2005, Mrs. Campos was offered a job at Downey High School. Rather than taking on a job pertaining to her major, she decided to accept the offer of being the Career Technician.


“As I was working, I just thought to myself and accepted that it was time for a change,” Campos said. “Plus, I felt comfortable working with the students on campus so I felt that my new job was the perfect fit.”


As the Career Tech, she deals with anything from college visits to scholarships. Throughout the year, a wide range of schools come to her center requesting a designated time span to talk to the students about their campus in hopes of persuading them to attend. Mrs. Campos then schedules a date and informs the student body of their arrivals.


In addition, she provides students with a wide range of scholarships. Starting in September of each year, Mrs. Campos creates a tool called the Scholarship Directory. Inside, students can readily find the answers to SAT test dates, financial aid information, and over 56 pages of diverse scholarships that students can apply for.


“One thing that I do like to stress is that I personally do not go look for the scholarships,” Campos said. “I let the organizations and individuals with scholarship money contact me. From there, I double check their credibility and finally let everyone know about it.”


Senior Jan Bautista, one of the many college-bound students on campus, attributes much of his success to Mrs. Campos.


“Mrs. Campos has helped me personally by making sure I have access to as many scholarships as possible,” Bautista said. “As a college-bound student who comes from a not-so financially stable household, Mrs. Campos’ information on the many scholarships offered is an integral part in helping me feel secure in going to college.”


As if that wasn’t enough, she’s in charge assisting students with career exploration worksheets and helping them with Eureka, a computerized database of careers, colleges, and an educational planning system.


Senior Alejandra Lopez, Mrs. Campos’ fourth period teacher’s assistant, has nothing but positive things to say about the Career Technician. She has learned many different factors from her experiences as a TA, including: learning to watch deadlines, finding the cost of tuition to attend either a two or four year post-secondary education, and the various statistics that are directed to students and the workforce.


“[Mrs. Campos] has always been very helpful to me,” Lopez said. “She always pushes me to aim higher on an educational level.”


As stated on the Downey High School website, “The Center is eager to assist students in their search for career and college information in the hope that they will recognize their potential, set their goals and make a plan of action.”


“I am available for students when they have free time, whether it is before school, during snack or lunch, or after school,” Campos said. “I try my best to make sure I have all the resources needed for students to achieve success after high school.”


Any time a student is in need of advice, whether it be for college or for a future career, Mrs. Campos is happy to attend to their needs. She, among the various staff members, is yet another resource consisting to the wide support group that is placed for students.