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Irene Luna
Being one of the returning members of The Downey Legend, senior Irene Luna takes pride in her recently acclaimed position as Editor-in-Chief.  The ambitious student’s journey all started at the beginning of her sophomore year. Having an available spot for an elective, Luna was placed in the newly created newspaper class.  Even though she started as a writer, the 10th grader worked her way up the ladder as Co-Arts & Entertainment Editor.  The following year she was appointed Co-Editor-In-Chief, all the while being trained to achieve her current position. She has only the highest hopes for this year’s group of individuals.

“After the long process of picking out the different students, I have complete confidence in saying that the 2011-2012 newspaper group will achieve many goals which could not be achieved in the previous years,” Luna said.

When she’s not doing work for newspaper, you can find the Editor-in-Chief readily preparing herself for the future. Her experiences throughout high school have motivated Luna to study the field of Journalism as a probable career. Taking everything step by step, she hopes to attend the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. If that plan does not follow through, her second option would be attending a California State University.

Though schoolwork may be a big part of her life, Luna proves to be a diligent worker. Contrary to many teens, she values her family, friends, and education above all other things. As the school year brings a fresh start, this motivated individual is ready to take charge of The Downey Legend.


Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

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Irene Luna