Varsity softball annihilates Dominguez


Stepping up to bat, senior Stephanie Navarro attempts to hit the ball in the fourth inning, on May 8, at Downey’s softball field. The Lady Vikings showed no mercy against Dominguez, beating them 23-0 in 5 innings.

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

Dominguez did not stand a chance against the varsity softball team, as the girls garnered yet another home win with a final score of 23-0 on May 8.  At this game though, the senior players were given the opportunity to take a rest from playing in this game late in the season, but other girls decided to play anyway.

“Whenever we play Dominguez or Lynwood, we always know it’s a for sure win,” senior Desirae Romero said.  “I was confident that the younger girls would win the game, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the team was, too.”

The home team went into the game very confident, and scored over five runs in just the first inning.  Anissa Urtez, who has a full ride scholarship to Utah State University for her performance in softball, scored a home run in the first inning as well, jogging her way through the plates, and then, finally, to home base.

“I’m used to scoring home runs,” Urtez said, “and even though it was against Dominguez, it always feels good to help my team score.”

Dominguez’s pitcher made sure to keep her team’s morale up, even though they were down by more than 10 runs by the second inning.  Her exclamations weren’t enough to motivate her team, however, as they did not score once with the two hits they actually got.

The game ended soon, only five innings in, due to a mercy rule, but the score board showed the home team had no mercy against the Dons.  With a couple assists from Daphne Gaspar, Alexis Zavala, and Stephanie Perea, the Vikings were able to put every Dominguez runner out.

The varsity softball team was tied with their rivals, Warren, for the first place league title, but took the title after beating Lynwood 22-1 on May 10, along with the varsity baseball team.