An arm for an arm

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

Instead of the usual band for Friday lunchtime activities, Downey High School’s Associated Student Body mixed things up with an arm wrestling tournament at lunch on Oct. 2.  Students swarmed the rally stage to watch fellow classmates face off and win candy.  The crowd both cheered and booed, but there were always winners.

“There are no losers!” said ASB member Serro Park.

The crowd also got to determine who won a specific round by cheering.  The person with the loudest cheer was declared the winner and would stay to battle against others who won previously.  Among these winners was freshman Anthony Rachal, who wrestled against his friend Isaac Calderon, also a freshman.

“It was for fun and to show the football team that I’m strong,” said Rachal.

The tournament had separate rounds for boys and girls.  There were a couple of draws between the participants, which were settled easily by declaring that round tied and both competitors got candy as their prize.  Though not many girls showed up to play, it was very popular for the male population of the school.