Bees in the city

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

Oklahoma band the All American Rejects recently released their hit “Beekeeper’s Daughter” in March 2012, from the album Kids in the Street. Best known for their trio of pop-punk songs “It Ends Tonight”, “Move Along”, and “Dirty Little Secret”, the group left an impression on the Billboard Top 100 and do not disappoint with this jam. Most can recognize lead singer Tyson Ritter’s voice just from his pitch-jumping vocal style. Folded into the lyrics of “Beekeeper’s Daughter” is the clever use of a metaphor, as Ritter calls himself a “busy little bee” and refers to girls as either “honey” or “little flower”. Though the song appears to be controversial in its message, it has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, putting the All American Rejects back on the charts. The video is also unique, with dance sequences in strange situations and scenarios, and everywhere he goes, the lead singer is followed by young girls. Ritter sings, “You’re a pretty little flower/but I’m a busy little bee/honey that’s all you gotta see/I can date you for an hour/Baby, then I’m gonna leave/honey I know you’ll wait for me,” saying he’s going to date her, but also many other girls. With a closing guitar-shredding solo and some more vocalization, the All American Rejects have reached success yet again. The band has sold a combined 10 million copies of four different albums worldwide since it released its first album in 2003.