Heels over head


Even though senior Richard Jordan realizes the dangers of his street stunts, he continues to jump and flip off edges and tables. “I used to flip when I was young,”Jordan said, “and as I got older, I got better.”

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

Ever since kindergarten, Joseph Carter has done flips whenever he had the chance.  His random stunts caught the eye of various students and staff, including Mr. Baker, while doing a back flip off of the storage bins behind the school gymnasium.

“I just love to jump and make people feel surprised when I do crazy things,” Carter said. “I never second guess myself.  I just make sure it’s something I know I can do before I do it.  I guess since I’ve been flipping for so long I just know what’s too high or too low.”

Recently, Carter participated in a competition at the Irvine Global Village and got first place for jumping 6 feet, 4 inches.  On the weekends Carter and some friends of his, like seniors Jaleel Williams and Richard Jordan, all hang out and do random stunts, catching the eyes of many passerby’s.

“The craziest thing I ever did was a front flip off a roof in the eighth grade,” Jordan said.  “It was pretty high, higher than the average roof.  When I was at school in Palmdale they told me to stop once.”

Some of their extreme stunts include back flips, 360 back flips, high jumps, long jumps over gaps, and even creating their own moves.  Oftentimes, the trio just does what works for them, and if they’re not feeling it, they just make up a new move.

Williams got started with flips in his freshman year when Carter taught him how to do a back flip.  He says he knew how to flip when he was younger, but felt unsure about flipping as he got older.

“When you’re in the air, in your mind you’re like ‘oh wow I hope I don’t land on my neck!’,” Williams said, “and I have landed on my neck before—it’s not fun.”

Besides his random stunts, Carter says he has another passion.

“I don’t really see jumping and flipping as a career.  I also love to sing, but there are a lot of options,” the youngster said.

Wherever life takes these boys, they sure are going to surprise those around them.