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Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

Since their beginning in Fullerton in 2005, the Cold War Kids have managed to keep their lyrics true, and have hit the nail on the head yet again with their release of Mine Is Yours in January of 2011.  Their third album has received much praise and mixed reviews, with songs like “Finally Begin” and “Royal Blue” cracking the NLD Chart, and now, even Passion Pit remixed “Mine is Yours”. By replacing the song’s original music with a 80s dance vibe and keeping lead vocalist Nathan Willett’s harmonious singing, they created a heartfelt jam, satisfying many new listeners.  The initial song’s mellow tune and Willett’s vocals pair perfectly together as he sings, “I don’t own the sun, I don’t own the moon/They only come out when they want to/They don’t care whether I promise what is mine is yours,” but even the synthesized music in Passion Pit’s take of the song coupled with Cold War Kid’s lead singer’s voice works as well.  Although the songs have drastically different music, they share the same story of being young and in love and the sacrifices.  ­The Cold War Kids began right away with non-stop touring to gain listeners and legitimacy in the music world right after signing to Downtown Records, and rely on their narrative lyric style to reach their audience.  The band has been going strong for about 7 years, spending most of their time touring with other bands like Death Cab For Cutie and actually writing their own lyrics.  There is no talk about a fourth album, but the band has released over 5 EPs.