Club rush: pick a club, any club

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

In order to promote clubs and activities on campus, and get to students more involved, Club Rush is held during both lunches in front of the outdoor stage on Sept 22-23. Some of the clubs that were present and promoting include the Key Club, Art Club, Junior State of America, Spanish Club, Eco Club, Kiwins, and Normaneers. Meeting new people that share similar interests and have common goals is something many people like to do.

“I like Club Rush,” senior Ilse Rubio said. “It gets students more aware of the activities around school; it’s such a great experience.”

Rubio is a Normaneer, part of the flock of flamingos on campus, and enjoys her time spent at the charities and events she and her fellow pink ladies attend. They also have bonding activities so the girls are able to get closer.

It is a tradition to have Club Rush at the beginning of the school year.  The clubs that wish to participate attend the Inter Clubs Council (ICC) meeting and sign up for the big event. It is not uncommon for clubs to rush and sign up as it is usually first come first serve when choosing their spot.  Although having a booth present is not required, clubs participate to gain more members and become closer as a whole, mostly stressing the involvement of students on campus

“Bible Club is new, but pretty much most of the clubs present have been around and participating with Club Rush,” Key Club member and junior Rebekah Jin said.

Students who experience Club Rush gain excitement, interest, fun, and an advantage because it gets student to know one another.  Although fewer clubs participated this year compared to last, Club Rush is still a major part of student life.

Club Rush is a good way to get involved, make friends, and start the school year on the right foot.