Senior Senate meets for first time


Leading the Senior Senate meeting, which was held after school in Z-5 on Thursday, November 18, Phil Kong discusses possible senior activities. The Senior Senate meetings are open to all seniors and are said to have another meeting on Dec. 16.

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

Seniors Phil Kong and Riza Karnadi hosted the Senior Senate meeting on Nov. 18, along with about 20 other seniors, in Z-5 after school to discuss the matters of their final year at Downey High.  Apparently, it happened to be “bring a friend day,” and as a result there was a bigger turn out at this meeting than the last.  They discussed a number of topics, including Prom themes, Senior Activities Week, and fundraising ideas.

One of the Prom theme suggestions that seemed to be popular was hosting a masquerade style dance.  Another proposal was an Old Hollywood theme, and some students agree it fits perfectly with the place the dance is being hosted at: Universal Studios Hollywood.

“The masquerade theme for Prom was a really great idea,” senior Stephani Lang said.  “I mentioned it to some of my friends and that thought really interested them.”

Some of the senior week activities were up to debate as well.  Because graduation is on Thursday, June 23, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are open to the options of a senior picnic, a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and other ideas, yet Disneyland might not be an option this year.

“Although I want to go to Disneyland for Grad Nite, they stop holding Grad Nite on June 16, and graduation is later than that.  It’s a bummer,” Emily Delcimmuto said.  “The Dave & Buster’s Idea was pretty interesting too, though.”

A big portion of this meeting discussed the topic of money.  Their account currently holds about $2,500, and for graduation a minimum of about $3,500 is needed.  Then comes the main question: How are they going to come up with the rest? Several ideas were tossed around, mostly involving the nearby restaurants Chipotle, Panda Express, and Porto’s Bakery.  A suggestion was to sell pre-sale tickets for the Juice It Up days.  Just by selling the senior apparel alone helped make a profit of about $1,500.  Additional ideas included a movie night or an end-of-the-year luau.  Another meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 16 to discuss more options involving money and the school year.