Disappearing act

Irene Luna, Editor-in-Cheif

Los Angeles native band Foster the People released their first album Torches in January 2011, with the track “Houdini”, which was released for a digital download on May 15, 2012.  Foster the People is best known for their pop infused indie beats, making their songs very upbeat and catchy.  So the MuchMusic Award nominated International Video “Houdini” is no surprise.  The song talks about being a teenager and often wanting to withdraw from the world, as lead vocalist Mark Foster sings, “When I feel kinda bad and I’m all distressed/I’d pass it off on a better day.”  Many teenagers have trouble handling the struggles of life, and lyricist Foster acknowledges that when he sings, “Sometimes I want to disappear,” which has an audible contrast from the bouncy synthesizing sounds.  The band mostly reaches out to high school adolescents with this certain tune, and a few of their other songs as well, like “Helena Beat”.  Torches was nominated for a Grammy for Best Alternative Album and at the Billboard Awards for Top Rock Album, but before signing to Startime International and reaching their ultimate goal of fame, Foster the People had a self named three-track EP.  The band appeared at the festivals Coachella and at South by Southwest, which also helped them gain fans.  Though Foster the People developed their fame through the bubbly melody of “Pumped Up Kicks”, they continue to deliver music many would enjoy listening to.