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Bruno Braka

A day at school for junior, Bruno Braka, is not like every other student’s day, as he is involved in both Yearbook and Newspaper that fill three periods within his schedule. Not only is he involved with journalism, he also finds time to play lacrosse and help out at his parents’ restaurant.


“I never pictured myself being this involved all I was into was lacrosse,” Braka said. “But it all changed junior year when I decided to get involved with yearbook and newspaper, and although the year is just starting out I can already see myself being a lot more busy. The great thing about it is that I’m learning to manage my time wisely.”


Aside from his wide involvement with extra-curricular activities, Braka takes his school work very seriously. Throughout his high school career, he has managed to keep his GPA above a 4.0, taking not only regular college prep classes, but challenging himself with rigorous AP and honors courses.


Leonard Braka, Bruno’s father and owner of Ricci’s Italian Restaurant, has supported him through his busy schedule.

“It’s like I see Bruno grow more and more each day,” Braka said. “He manages to help me and his mother around the restaurant and still keeps his grades up. I’m surprised he finds the time to do all that he does.”



Braka has established many connections with a variety of people throughout his three years in high school. Dale Schlegel, one of the lacrosse coaches at Downey High School, had coached Braka throughout his freshman and sophomore years at Downey.


“Bruno was a great kid to have on the team,” Schlegel said,” the team rallied around him. He’s a real team player.”


Braka wants to make a difference within his school through his participation in school. He has immersed himself within journalism because he wants to capture moments that make others proud of their school. He also wants to serve as an example to others, by getting involved within his parent’s business, sports, and journalism. He hopes other will find, that truly, anything is possible.

Bruno Braka, Staff Photographer

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Bruno Braka