Basketball Season Continues

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

Playing against Cal High, on Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 7 p.m., Downey’s boys varsity basketball team add another win to their 13-2 streak making them 14-2.


Cal High made the first points of the night causing the crowd to cheer with supportive words for the DHS players on the court; the boys began to hustle down the court and come out on top with a 60-45 victory over Cal High.


With much motivation to make this a successful season, number 4, junior, Justin Tejeda, believes this team has the support to make it far into the season.


“I feel like we can go very far we are very good team this year,” Tejeda said. “We have a supportive base that makes our players strive for the better of the team.”


Number 23, Charles Smith, senior explains how he feels about his performance and how the crowd’s cheers give him momentum to play a better game.


“My performance wasn’t what I wanted to be, but as soon as the crowd starts cheering I became pumped up and I started to focus on the win,” Smith said. “This team can make it far this season; we are all united.”


Junior, Brian Chavez, puts trust on his teammates once it is game time.


“The nervous feeling is always there once you step on the court before the tip off. Once the game starts, the trust in your teammates settles in,” Chaves said. “it’s all down to business.”


Boys varsity basketball continues to make this the best season as possible to maintain a league title and have a possible chance at winning CIF.