5 Questions with Mr. Coe

Dianna Jimenez, Staff Writer

Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher, Mr. Coe, expresses his simple and carefree disposition through his fashion: owning only black and gray t-shirts.


Q1: When did you begin to dress the way you do?

A1: Maybe like a couple years ago, but just recently I switched from wearing the same five button-up t-shirts every week to now several black and gray t-shirts and some button-ups here and there.

Q2: Who or what inspired you to do this or was it you?

A2: I just got lazy as the years progressed so I decided to simply stick to a couple of t-shirts.

Q3: How is your fashion now different from when you were in high school?

A3: In high school I was always concerned about not wearing anything anyone else would wear. I remember one day, while at school, I noticed a guy with the same exact shirt I was wearing that same day, and so I went home and changed.

Q4: Is there a specific reason you do this? If so, what is it?

A4: Well, the specific reason is that I like to sleep in the morning and I do not want to have to worry about looking all pretty. I just want to get dressed and come to work.

Q5: Do you have a favorite shirt out of all of them?

A5: No, but this year I’m not wearing button-ups anymore because it’s even simpler. Now I have a bunch of black shirts and gray shirts and I alternate. Black, gray, black, gray. And then on Fridays I spice it up a little and wear my Downey High School shirt.


Mr. Coe states that he will continue to wear gray and black t-shirts until he grows tired of them and moves on to a different style!