5 Questions With Julieta Meillion

Daniel Aguilera, Writer

5 Questions With Julieta Meillion

Within the Downey community there are lots of small and inspirational members of the community, and Julieta Meillion is no exception. A Downey Alumni, Meillion has become an established beauty expert and nail tech at Downey’s own Allie and Co Salon Boutique. She is an example of someone who has put time and dedication into a passion and receiving gratification for her efforts. I asked Meillion a few questions about what it’s like in a career like hers, and what it has taken for her to get where she is now. 


1. How did you begin your career, where did you find inspo to start?

“I began my career when I was 16, creating makeup looks in my room and posting pictures and tutorials on Instagram.” Meillion stated, “ Soon after, I met one of my current best friends and he showed my work to his mom, who owns a beauty salon. She loved my work and took me under her wing, allowing me to learn so much from her and the talented people working at the salon, and it sparked my love for all things beauty.”


2.  How long has it taken you to get where you are now? 

“Though I’ve been passionate about beauty for over 4 years now, I started learning how to do nails only 2.5 years ago.” Meillion Stated “ For the first year, it was just a fun hobby with my best friend, but eventually I started taking it more seriously and spent hours on end practicing until I felt ready to start taking clients.”


3. Has this always been your plan of action, or goal?

“I never thought I would have a career doing nails or anything beauty related. As a child I always said I would become an artist of some kind, but I imagined I would be a painter or illustrator.” Meillion stated “Instead, I became a nail artist and get to paint on my clients’ nails all day. It’s very fulfilling for me that I’m doing what I loved as a child, art, and what I began to love as a young adult, beauty.”


4. Where are you hoping to end up in your career?

My ultimate goal in my career would be to have my own beauty salon someday.” Meillion stated “As the years go by and I learn more and more about beauty, I would also love to become an educator and share that knowledge with others.”


5. Have you ever had difficulties on your path to success, how have you overcome them?

“The most difficult thing I’ve faced in choosing this career has been facing the fear of possibly disappointing my family. My family and I immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico, so I’ve always felt a little extra pressure to make my parents proud, to make all their sacrifices worth it. I knew my parents always dreamt of me going to college and becoming something like a lawyer or a doctor, but nail tech was never on that list. I tried college for about a month before finally admitting it wasn’t for me and telling my parents.” Meillion stated “It was hard for them at first and there were many difficult conversations trying to get them on board. I’m very lucky and grateful that they eventually came around and are now so proud and supportive of me doing what I love.”

Mellion is a clear inspiration to anyone who has a passion they might be fearful to pursue, she is living proof that it can be done. For any further questions or interest in her artistry skills she has a public instagram, @Julietammua.