5 Questions with Guillaume

Lidia Rios, Public Relations Manager

Seventeen year old, Guillaume Oury, is a student from France who is part of the foreign exchange program, and although he has only been in the California for a week and a half, he has already gained a new perspective on America.


Q1: From your stance, what is the language like in America?

A1: “[The] language in America is more complicated for French [people]. I think it is because in my school in French [France] we study just English, so it’s like proper words but it’s more identifiable. Here we speak more quickly. We contract words so at the beginning when I came here it’s more difficult, yes, but now it’s good.”


Q.2 How does the school system here in Downey differ from yours in France?

A3: “Your school [is] totally different than [my] French school. First it is a lot bigger. For example, when you study math or science we work in groups. Your teacher very funny its like a good relationship. He takes your homework; you have lots of material: lots of camera, computer, internet, but in France it’s not that. We have a teacher but sometimes, like always, he just gives his lesson and wants notes. When we do work in groups it’s very bad because French people, for me, complain a lot and do not take importance for school but me I say, ‘you go to school and it is a very good chance,’ here in America, you know that, but over there no.”


Q3: Are there any specific things you might miss from France?

A3: “No. I want to go back, but if I can stay here, I [would] stay here.”


Q4: Would you ever consider moving to America?

A4: “Me, I dream to live in New Zealand, but America is good too. I would like to stay here because America is very big; people are very funny and nice, and I think it is very easy to make a good life when you want to work for it.”


Q5: Do you know any other languages and have you traveled anywhere else?

A5: “Yes, I speak just a few Spanish [words], ‘Hola como estas?’ and I study Latin;

Yes, last year I went to Detroit for the same trip. My family, we go to Chicago too.”