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Lidia Rios

Lidia Rios, Public Relations Manager

Being told she was creative the majority of her life, Lidia Rios, turned her extra time into a new hobby; fashion. She started off making dolls, which turned into making clothes for the dolls, until she finally started making clothes for herself.


“I saw a lot of videos and was like ‘you know what, I can do this,” Rios said. “I’ve made about five skirts but out of all of them I honestly only like two.”


Even though she does not really like many of the clothes she makes, she admits she wants to make her own prom dress this year, so she is often found wearing articles of clothing she has made. Since her style is more old school she is easier to find in a crowd.


“I think she takes off the things she’s interested in,” Stephanie Cornejo, 12, said. “A lot of people complement her on her wardrobe.”


Her friends are very supportive of her and her work. People have asked her if she can make them clothes and have even offered to pay her for clothes. All times she has denied their request, because she plans on keeping it as a hobby and not turning it into a business anytime soon.


“I don’t see myself doing it,” Rios said. “It’s just a pass time; I think it’s cool but I honestly don’t see myself making a career out if it.”


Rios does often think about having it as a career but she claims it is not the thing for her. She still does not know what career choice to make but she is leaning towards other interests.

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Lidia Rios