Fresh and Easy Closing

Aimee-Nicole Torres, Community/Parent & Teachers Editor

After filing bankruptcy on Oct. 30, Downey’s Fresh and Easy, located on Firestone and Downey Ave., closes Nov. 20 as it is going on its sixth year open in the city.


“I cant believe it. I loved going there and I’m going to miss it,” Samantha Melgoza, 10, said. “I loved their pasta I used to go just for it.”


The last day for employees was on Nov. 21. Even with it closing, the employees still had a lot to do such as stocking what was left, watching the checkout or just boxing and unboxing produce. It became more hectic as more people tried to buy price reduced goods at the last minute.


“My daughter loved to go,” customer, Tamera Federico said. “It was the only place we could find ice-cream without lactose; now I don’t know where to find it.”


Fresh and Easy was known to hold products that were hard to come by and were a healthy alternative to most products from other stores. When the store closed those products were the first to go. Other stores such as Natureway located on Lakewood Blvd in Downey as well, sells those products as well.


The last day the store was open, Fresh and Easy had a sale. You could fill up a cart and everything inside the cart was $20-$40, no matter the original price. They even started selling the appliances used in the break room such as lockers and the safe.


“I got a job at Oldie,” Christina Marmolejo, ex employee said. “I’m very fortunate, I have a family to provide for and I don’t think I would have been able to get by.”


Since the whole company closed, the workers could not be transferred to another Fresh and Easy. Unfortunately, some ex-workers have not found a new job, others had a second job beforehand, or have already found a job.