Tender Loving Care

Daisy Lopez, Staff Writer

Over the course of two weeks (March 1-18) Downey High School’s ASB students are encouraging students to donate to Tender Loving Care (TLC) an organization that financially helps Downey residents that need the aid. They hope to reach a goal of $40,000.

Trying to get $5 is hard enough much less $40,000, but Kristina Cruz, 12, stays optimistic that students will help contribute to reach the goal.

“We have faith in the students at Downey High School,” Cruz said. “If each student brought in just $10, we would actually exceed our goal of $40,000.”

To give awareness to the organization ASB is doing different activities: taping teachers to a tree for $1, putting a heart on the wall for $1, and having teachers competing to see who can raise the most money.

Tapping teachers to a tree brought in approximately $200. Mr. Jones, social studies teacher, was one of the victims to be tapped.

“Even the most limited torture is torture,” Mr. Jones said. “ I think I had more fun than the students did.”

TLC gives aid to those who need it; some get scholarships, and some get money. TLC gives them opportunities and some have life changing outcomes.

Sunny Gill, 11, supports the organization and enjoys being a part of it.

“It is so important because it is always good to help others,” Gill said. “It really does change people’s lives.”

As a final way to reach the $40,000 goal, ASB is doing Light the Night; attendees pay $10 for the bracelet and go out to the track and enjoy the day. At a certain time they will turn off the lights and will only have the glow sticks to guide the path.

Nilah Placide, 11, appreciates being a part of TLC because she is able to help others and is ready for Light the Night.

“TLC is a time to give back and help others,” Placide said. “Light the Night is going to be really fun; I strongly encourage everyone to come out.”

A last minute way to fundraise was restaurant week were some restaurants agreed to give a certain percentage of their proceeds to TLC. Two of the restaurants were Round Table on March 16 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and Chick-Fil-A on March 17 all day. Students remember to give what you can.

As if donating isn’t already good enough, the teacher who won first place, Mr. Weisenburger, (total of $1,160.15) will receive a sub for a day, $100.00 gift card, and $250.00 for a class party of his choice. Mrs. Cordova also won with the highest dollar amount raised. ASB hopes to reach their goal because the money raised can help many families by creating great activities to encourage students to participate.