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Daisy Lopez
Finding a way to motivate herself through any goal, Downey High School senior, Daisy Lopez, individually connects herself with the music she listens to, which is mainly One Direction.


“There are times when I find myself lashing out and I understand their point of view,” Lopez said. “They have taught me that you will fail and it’s okay and you just need to keep trying until you reach your goal.”


During Lopez’s summer vacation her freshmen year she met new friends with One Direction’s music. They all met in line for a One Direction movie at the Krikorian theater in Downey.


“Daisy and I met the summer of freshman year, waiting in line for the One Direction movie. She was with her best friend and I was with mine; she was behind me,” Ariana Barrios said. “We then decided to sit next to each other for the movie and once it was over we exchanged numbers and eventually became the best of friends, like all of us; it’s a squad.”

The music she listens to really does present her personality. Today they are not bad influenced music; they are more of a mellow, calm type. An alternative is also fun bringing out enthusiasm just listening to it. Learning a thing or two listening to the lyrics.


“Daisy’s music changed her for the better, but didn’t completely change her. If anything it helped her bring her true self out,” Megan Ramirez said. “The type of music she listens to is not depressing nor a bad influence. It’s more of having fun and if you make mistakes learn from them.”


Lopez first started listening and getting involved with music around the age of seven, she was influenced by her older sister hearing her music around the house, later she started listening to the same then to her very own taste she’s been hooked ever since.

Daisy Lopez, Staff Writer

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Daisy Lopez