Lady Gaga sings National Anthem

Daisy Lopez, Staff Writer

As she waits to leave the crowd speechless Lady Gaga sings the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 on February 7. Gaga made a snapchat account to record her day before performing. She recorded her warm-up vocals, her manicure, her outfit put together, and her makeup, making sure everything was patriotic.

It was a surprise to most that Gaga stuck to something patriotic and did not wear something ridiculous as to what she is known for. During her early career, she would wear things like one of her most absurd outfits, is the meat dress, but as the years went by she started wearing less and less of nonsense fashion and wearing more of what most consider “normal.” Gaga made an outstanding appearance at the 2015 Grammy’s by wearing a silver sparkly dress by Brandon Maxwell.

Jennifer Garcia, 9, has been a fan of Gaga for three years; she has enjoyed all different stages of her.

“I love the way she expresses her individuality,” Garcia said. “She is one of a kind.”

Gaga’s extraordinary voice made a comeback at the Super Bowl 50, similar to what she did at the 2015 Grammys. She had very well timed vocal runs, small pauses that would let the crowd capture her abilities, but not long enough as to where it made it seem she needed to catch her breath. The start of the anthem was a subtle introduction as to how it was going to finish. She finished by hitting a magnificent high note, holding it and sounding louder than the airplanes that flown over her.

Faith Minor, 12, a fan was at a loss of words during the performance.

“I was not surprised because I knew her performance would be amazing,” Minor said. “Her voice was very strong and passionate.”

Aside from her old fans, new fans were applauding for her extraordinary performance. This performance let her reveal her true self and gain the respect from those who doubted her.

Alondra Espinoza, 11, is not much of a fan but was impressed by Gaga’s performance.

“I was really surprised when I saw her perform,” Espinoza said, “If she keeps this up I will definitely be listening to her.”

Lady Gaga remarkably served the performance people were and were not expecting. She definitely grasped a new audience that will now play an important part in her career.