Captain America: Civil War

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor

The comic book series comes to life and fans are once more ecstatic, and ready to see their favorite superheroes in action once again. On May 6, Marvel Studios released Captain America: Civil War, by director Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. It was one of the most anticipated movies of the year next to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; Marvel is certainly keeping the public on their toes with many releases this year.

This action packed drama takes place a year after Avengers: Age of Ultron and the famous group of superheroes continue taking on the world’s crime, although one problem seems to stop them this time. As they continue to fight crime the death of thousand of innocent people cause the United Nations to see the superhero group as a threat and try to find a way to stop them. The United Nations make a contract, allowing only the government to have power over the heroes actions, including which crimes they get involved in. Because of this contract, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) make a split decision.


Downey High School student Christian Aragon, 11, tells a bit of what he was expecting to see from the movie and how the directors managed to bring the comic book to life.


Captain America: Civil War is the result of every marvel movie to this day, it is the breaking point of this group. A lot of people grew up reading and really caring about it [the comic book series],” Aragon said.  “I was expecting a story about friends becoming bitter enemies out for revenge and justice.”

As expected many of the battle scenes were incredibly executed, being that this is the time for superheroes to showcase their powers. The incredible action filled scenes between Team Captain America and Team Iron Man left the audience wanting more.


Marvel movies never disappoint their fans, with great effort put into the fight scenes to leave the audience gawking, or at least that is how student, Daisy Lopez, 11, likes to put it.


“My favorite scenes from the movies are battle [or] fight scenes; I love watching characters go all out with their powers, weapons, and gadgets,” Lopez said. “I especially love the comedic scenes, the dunietz characters in my opinions are Ant Man [Paul Radd], Ironman [Downey Jr.].”
The movie finished with a cliffhanging ending, but this left the audience wanting and expecting more for future upcoming films. The audience asks: What will happen next? Whose side will the characters remain on? Only time (and future films) will tell as to what the true outcomes will be.