Like I Would

Daisy Lopez, Staff Writer

Returning back to the music industry as a solo artist, Zayn Malik debuts #1 World Wide with album Mind Of Mine, performing his single “Like I Would” at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3.


Zayn Malik, is ex-band member from One Direction, who quit the band on March 25, 2015 and released his solo album exactly a year later marking it as a new era. Malik began coming back to the spotlight by doing interviews, photo-shoots, radio call-ins, and musical guest starring on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Malik had done promo for his other singles, but he gave more to “Like I Would” by singing it at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2016 as his first ever solo award show performance.


He gives the song more high notes than the original. The song talks about a past relationship in which he still reminisces, but the ex has moved on, so now he wants her to know that her current boyfriend will not know her like he would.

“Oh, oh

It’s probably gonna sound wrong

Promise it won’t last long

Oh, oh

If we can never go back

Thought you’d like to know that


He won’t touch you like I do

He won’t love you like I would

He don’t know your body

He don’t do you right

He won’t love you like I would

Love you like I would”


In this soon to be last chorus he gives magnificent high notes giving more feeling to the song; he does not do them so often so it does not sound over the top. The lyrics are harsh because the girl is trying to move forward, but he is telling her that her new boyfriend is not going to be right for her and that is cruel. He is trying to keep her in a mental state where she is wrong for making a new relationship.


Aside from the meaning of the lyrics Malik’s performance was one of the most talked about and anticipated performances of the night because of his style of music. If you are a new fan, “Like I Would” is the best single to listen to; it’s the one that gives a brief introduction to his album styles. In his album he included Bollywood and R&B styles because that is what he grew up listening to. Bollywood is a music style that comes from India and it is a mixture of Bombay and Hollywood. After being put in the shadows for his sense of style in One Direction, Malik had enough and brought them out in his album. Malik made the right decision by doing so because it let him become the first British male solo artist to debut at number one with his first album, and the first UK male artist to debut at number one in both the UK and US. His album went #1 to 70+ countries within its first day of release, gaining a new fan base that continues to grow.