The 1975 Knows The Sound

Daisy Lopez, Staff Writer

UK band, The 1975, releases their third single “The Sound” from their new album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It on February 26. The fans were looking forward to this album because of the speculation of when they shut down their social media last year, to reinvent themselves along with a new album. Their first album cover was black and white and its songs were kind of ‘dark.’ Now their new album cover is a mixture of light pink, gray, and white; the style is lighter, lyrics rhyme, it’s kind of pop but not too much. The lyrics also seem to be more meaningful. Matty Healy, frontman, sings, “You’re so conceited I said, ‘I love you’ What does it matter if I lie to you? I don’t regret it but I’m glad that we’re through. So don’t you tell me that you ‘just don’t get it’ Cause I know you do.” He talks about a past relationship and describes the girl as “conceited.” He admits to lying but he does not understand why it bothers her if they are not together anymore. He does not want the girl to cheat herself out of it and pretend she “does not understand.” After this part of the song, there is an amazing electric guitar solo that keeps the song going. During the song the electric guitar, electric piano, and drums play a huge part in giving the song its beat. When it first starts it gives off a great vibe, it is something you can first start off to bob your head up and down and then move to actual dance moves. This single is one of the best singles released. Some of the new fans at first did not like them because of their sound; it just did not work for them but now with the single “The Sound” they have changed sides and have given them another try.