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Covid-19 Hinders Exchange Programs

4/23/20: “Where I live there are not that many people around me so I consider myself pretty lucky. I’ve got a lot of space too but I’m sad because there was supposed to be an exchange student with me from Ukraine. And I couldn’t visit my family in the Netherlands because of quarantine.

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

May 11, 2020

Moutier - Malcard, France. Photos provided by interviewees     

5 Questions with Guillaume

Foreign exchange student, Guillaume Oury, 11, traveled all the way from France to experience American culture in Downey High School for two weeks.

Lidia Rios, Public Relations Manager

March 9, 2016

Seventeen year old, Guillaume Oury, is a student from France who is part of the foreign exchange program, and although he has only been in the California for a week and a half, he has already gained a new perspective on America.   Q1: From your stance, what is the language like in Ame...


David Beltran, Podcast Manager

December 8, 2015

On the dreadful night of November 13th, the people of Paris were experienced several attacks, one of them being at the legendary concert venue Bataclan. American rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, were performing to a crowd of around 1,500. It was a sold out show. While they were performing, three men ...

A world outside DHS

During June 23-30, Downey High School student, Valeria Ruiz, went on the French and Spanish class trip with her Spanish teacher to learn about the two different cultures. “I got my shirt at the museum where we saw the Mona Lisa painting” Ruiz stated.

Celine Spence, Public Relations

October 29, 2014

In order to explore different cultures and apply what they were taught throughout the school year, students from the French and Spanish classes, along with some of their teachers (Mrs. Baca, Ms., Buenrostro, Mrs. Ramirez, and Mrs. Cubas), took a week-long trip to France and Spain, in June 2014, to apply...

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