5 Questions With Mr. Hansen

Cintia Macias, Co-Photo Editor

After eleven long years as drama teacher, Mr. Hansen will be stepping down and handing the drama-teaching baton to Ms. Simpson.


Q1: What has been your biggest achievement as a Drama teacher?

“A few years ago we put on a production of Little Shop of Horrors, and the whole community joined forces. With the art class, woodshop, and a live band helping out, it made the play so much stronger because it brought the whole community together. That’s what theatre is all about, coming together and making something bigger than ourselves.”


Q2: How do you feel about starting a new chapter in life as a father?

“I’m excited but also completely terrified![nervous chuckle]”


Q3: What are you going to miss the most from your drama-teaching days?

“The kids, definitely. I get to see them grow up throughout a production; it’s great.”


Q4: Do you think you will have difficulty transitioning from drama teacher to solely English?

“It’s funny because back when I first started teaching here at Downey, I was teaching 9th grade English and I couldn’t wait to be a drama teacher, but now I’m doing the complete opposite. I think the English department is one of the strongest departments and I’m sure they’ll help guide me, and I can go to them if I have any questions.”


Q5: How do you think Ms. Simpson is going to do as your replacement?

“I think she’s going to do great! She knows what the youngin’s are into and I feel like she can bring a new light to Drama, that I could never do.”