5 Questions with Robert Nevarez

Sabrina Picou, Editor-In-Chief

Robert Nevarez, 12, has been accepted and wait-listed to the Ivy League school Harvard and the prestigious private university Stanford. He shares how it felt to be wait-listed and gives insight to his future.


Q1: How does it feel to be wait-listed to an Ivy League like Harvard?

A1: “It’s a huge honor to be wait-listed to a school of that prestige and its something that I didn’t really anticipate,” Nevarez said. “I just kind of applied there because of the name, with a small hope of getting in there, but the fact that I made it on their wait list is a huge honor in itself. Whether or not they accept me, I feel really honored to be considered this far.”


Q2: What is your “dream” school and why?

A2: “I think my two dream schools, since I was a kid, have always been UCLA and Notre Dame, but they are definitely not the only schools I would consider going to,” Nevarez said. “I haven’t made a decision on where I want to attend, because I’m obviously still waiting for the wait list schools, and then I have three difficult decisions to make between UCLA, Notre Dame, and Duke. Any one of those schools could end up being my dream school; it is just what I choose to make of it.”

Q3: How long have you wanted to attend Harvard and Stanford?

A3: “Probably since the beginning of my high school career when I started talking to people who were actually going there [Harvard and Stanford],” Nevarez said. “It wasn’t something that I ever envisioned myself doing, because at the time I didn’t know that I would be considered by them to attend the school, but now that I reached this point it is something that I would gladly take the opportunity to do if I get accepted there.”


Q4: What school is better for your future career/degree?

A4: “I applied undeclared to all the schools, so I selected all the schools that I applied to based on the fact that they are all schools I would end up enjoying going to,” Nevarez said.


Q5: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A5: “Probably in more school and probably pursuing a post graduate degree in whatever major I decide to pursue,” Nevarez said. “Right now I think my front runner major is political science but that is definitely not set in stone because a lot of the time majors change for people.”