Sophomore Breaks School Track Record

Dianna Jimenez, Staff Writer

Continuing his successful track season, sophomore, Mario Marsetti broke the school record for the 400-meter race against Warren High School on April 14.


Q1: Was it your plan to break this record or did it just happen?

A1: It was my plan to break it. The sophomore and freshmen record was 51:84. When I was a freshmen, I went into that locker room to see the record board; I saw it and I was so close to it last year. I just motivated myself and worked really hard and finally broke it this year against Warren.


Q2: How did you feel when you found out you finally broke the 400 meter school record?

A2: I felt accomplished. My family also wanted me to break it so they were there when I finally did break it. They were really happy and proud of me.


Q3: What is your favorite thing about track?

A3: My favorite thing is that there’s a lot of competition out there, so I really like that. It pushes me to work harder.


Q4: Did you learn anything from this experience?

A4: All I taught myself is make a dream become reality.


Q5: Do you plan to continue doing track for the next two years?

A5: Yes, I’m planning to do it for two more years and try to get a scholarship. My goal is to make it into the olympics. It [my goal] started my 8th grade year, when I started doing track, so I made it to the finals and I broke the district record there [Sussman Middle School]. I ran the 400 there which is the one I’m running now and ever since that day I just told myself ‘It could happen, I could actually go to the olympics.’