The Rivalry Returns

Chelsea Mendoza, Staff Writer / Photographer

Bringing the crowd to their feet at Warren High School’s bleachers, were Downey High School students who came together on Oct. 23, to cheer on their fellow Viking varsity football players, with the hopes of continuing their five year win.


Daevon Vilgilant, senior, anxiously prepared his team for the traditional rivalry game in hopes of winning for the sixth time against Warren.


“Putting in their heads that this might be the biggest game of the year and the whole community will be there,” Vilgilant said. “Was the most exciting part of the game it is being able to go to battle with my team and, if Warren was to win, it would be hard to take in.”


When it comes to the Downey vs. Warren football game, it allows Vikings to come out of their shell and to express their personalities freely because they get to cheer for their school. While getting loud and crazy at the football games, the experience is made better.


Two-year ASB member, senior, Kenneth Miranda, has contributed to the growth of the Viking Pride.

“I feel I bring the awkwardness down to almost zero, because the students need someone to lead the chants and I’ve taken that role of leading my fellow Vikings,” Miranda said. “I feel like it pumps up the players because they know that Viking Nation is beside them the whole time cheering them on win or lose.”


Warren’s stadium filled seats with prideful Bears and Vikings, and the spirit and excitement quickly spread through the bleachers. When the pregame warm ups were done, the players positioned on their spots to begin. When the timer was set and the game began, the loud crowd went crazy with cheers from Viking Nation; confetti was thrown, silly string was on faces and pink powder was thrown in the air.


Once rooting for the enemy, a Warren transfer student, junior, Arial Pacheco loves being a Viking.


“Even though I was in Warren High School for two years,’ “I root for Downey because I really blend in well and consider myself a Viking” Pacheco said, “I was so disappointed when Downey lost, because it is my first year here and I would have like to prove Warren wrong.”


The overwhelming screams and cheers of the game settled down when the score board was six for the visitors and 21 for the home team. Vikings still holding strong, in hopes of winning the game. With a five year streak on the line, the pressure was heavy for both football players and Vikings. The atmosphere was depressing when Warren player Leonardo Artz kicked the ball for the win. Even though Downey lost 6 – 23, Vikings pride remains strong.