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Chelsea Mendoza

Chelsea Mendoza, Staff Writer / Photographer

The thirst for knowledge was never quite quenched for, junior, Chelsea Mendoza. and a poet in 8th grade was where her passion for literature began. Not only does Mendoza want to expand her knowledge, but she wishes to use her aptitude in writing to get people to know her.


“I love mystery and suspense,” Mendoza said, “anything I have to read twice.”


To indulge her passion for mystery and suspense, Mendoza wrote her own horror story imbued with enigmas and apprehensions, one morning in the Downey High School library.


“Chelsea’s story is very well descriptive, and has good imagery”, her friend Beatrice Pena said.


Mendoza’s passion for books, although originating from Stephen King, has been provoked by other books such as the Hunger Games, the Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, Me and Earl, and Mr. Mercedes. She does not like to know the ending of a story, but instead she loves the twists.

“A book is like a portable T.V., but travel size,” Mendoza said. “ I can read about stories that would otherwise be impossible in real life.”


Other than books leaving an impressionable mark on Mendoza, there is more to her love of reading. She is able to relate the mystery, and sometimes traumatizing events, that take place in her stories. She claims that the relationship that she shares with her mom is relatable to that of her stories.


“If I don’t want to listen to my mom yap all day, I can open up a book and dive into that world,” Mendoza said.


Mendoza wishes to use her passion for literature in a career some day. She either wants to be a writer for Teen Vogue or even a journalist for some other publication. She also considers being an author, writing the very books that she loves to read.

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Chelsea Mendoza