Are Man Buns Fab or a Total Drag?

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer

Since bursting onto the fashion scene in 2014, the man bun has become wildly popular, and even students Noah Castillo and Hanz Garcia rock the hair do.


However, for those with the updo, a recent study, supported by dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, could cause them to take them down, because it shows that man buns can lead to premature baldness.


“Great, I don’t like that. I want my hair to stay long for a long time,” Castillo said, “ It changes my opinion. I won’t wear it as much.”


Contrary to Castillo not knowing that buns could lead to hair loss, Garcia was well aware of the consequences man buns could have.


“Yes, I actually knew about it,” Garcia said. “That’s why I only wear it when it is hot out.”


Castillo notes that guys tend to like the trend more than the girls do. DHS student, Citlaly Orozco has a significant dislike towards the buns. So much so, she even mentions the #stoptheknot2k15.


“I don’t like them at all,” Orozco said. “I don’t really like the way it looks.”


Noah Castillo says most guys like the bun, especially since male celebrities, such as Jared Leto and Harry Styles, wear it to important events, and it’s popularity on social media.


“Guys like it; they like to play with it and mess with it,” Castillo said. “Maybe guys have envy of the longer hair. Every guy should try it once.”


Although girls do not like it, and guys tend to like the top knot more, there are people who are on the fence about it. Junior, Abigail Rodriguez, says the man bun is only suited for a few males.


“There’s a small portion of guys that can actually pull it off,” Rodriguez said. “Most guys who try it tend to look ridiculous with the bun.”


Whether you are a person who dislikes them, likes them, or is on the fence, the man bun is one of the most popular male hair trends from the past few years. It has even surpassed the challenge that the bun causes premature hair loss, a condition mostly found in women. The man bun is a trend that is sure to stick around for a while because its popularity remains, even if it is a few years old.