Taste of Talent

Chelsea Mendoza, Staff Writer / Photographer

A yearly showcase hosted by The Hispanic Culture Club, invites Downey High School students, to perform their talents in Downey’s theatre on March 11.


DHS Taste of Talent, had no limits for the unique talents that where performed in the show. People filled up the seats at both the 3:30 p.m. 0and 7:00 p.m. shows and were entertained with vocalists-who performed solos or duets-ambitious dancers, instrumentals and an improvision act by the Comedy Sportz team.


Mrs. Mercure, a Spanish teacher on the Downey campus, as well as one of the coordinators of the show, performed a Spanish folk dance with Mr. Vazquez, who also teaches Spanish, who gives her input on the show.


“The reason that I hosted the talent show and continued to host it every year, is to have a platform for students to grow, experience, and discover themselves,” Mrs. Mercure said.


For some students, stage fright is inevitable. Having to perform in front of a large crowd can be intimidating. It takes a lot of courage to stand on stage. The performers showed a strong devotion and love they have for their performance.


Denisse Alvavad, a vocalist who has been singing since she was four year old, was both really nervous and excited about her first performance in the talent show.


“Once the music starts playing all my nerves go away,” Denisse Alvavad, 11, said. “I feel like I am there for a mission to convey the message of my song.”


A strong motivator, Mr. Vazquez, who inspires his Spanish class to reach their goals and achieve their dreams, was excited to watch his students gain confidents in performing in the show.


“The talent show is a good way to see that everyone has a talent, Vasquez said. “It’s not just what you see on T.V.”


The talent show started in 2007 with a few brave acts of dance and song. Through out those nine years, students began to gain confidence and pride in what they were preforming. This year, more students brought a pool of diversity to the talent show with songs, dances, instrumentals and group performances.