The Weeknd “Low life” featuring Future

Chelsea Mendoza, Staff Writer / Photographer

Capping the end of 2015, Future and The Weeknd released an early Christmas gift on Soundcloud, in which Future was featured in The Weeknd’s new single “Lowlife”. The collaboration was a nice mixture of catchy up-beat tunes and chill vibes; it is an addiction for your ears that will make you want to dance. The Weeknd, a Toronto singer who is known to write about his past break ups and relationships, took a different approach to the song “Lowlife”, because in this song he promotes his success through his lyrics “Used to have no money for a crib now my room service bill cost your whole life.” Here, The Weeknd says that he once lived in a low income life but he now is able to afford more then he needs. Once again, The Weeknd surprised us with another amazing single.