Boys Varsity Tennis Team

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief


Advancing to the semi-finals, the boys varsity tennis team defeated Oak Hills High School 14-4 on Monday, May 16 after school at the Downey High School tennis courts in the quarterfinals game.


During the CIF Semi-finals game on Wednesday, May 18 the boys lost 8-10 against Rosemead High School.


Winning all three matches during the quarterfinals with partner, Adrian Guadron, Justin Park, 11, talks about his experience playing a CIF game for a second time.


“It was a great experience; we got to experience playing under pressure,” Park said. “We were all ready to play against Rosemead and expected it to be the tough match.”


Playing an intense round of tennis as a single player, Daniel Son, 12, explains the feeling of making it as far as they did in CIF.


“We played them [Rosemead] last year and we barely won,” Son said. “How much we practiced showed through. Coming this far was because of our individual effort plus team effort.”


David Reoyo, 11,  describes what it was like play with a partner, Jonathan Yi.


“You create a partnership with the other person and you get to celebrate with them,” Reoyo said. “We only lost twice all season.”


During the first round of the match, Downey was down 2-4 and eventually made a tie to 6-6 at the second round, but by the final round Downey was down 8-10 resulting in their loss.