Newbies No More

Cintia Macias , Co-Photo Editor

After preparing for a semester in T-1, Comedy Sportz ‘newbies’ finally performed on

stage in front of a live audience on Feb. 12. Players, Ryan Gutierrez, Jennifer Ruiz, and Brock Marz took on the stage for the first time and showed off their improv skills.

Following monthly one-on-one practices, the players had to be approved by the team’s Hollywood coach, Silvie. To get more practice and learn new games, the Comedy Sportz newbies were to attend a convention at San Marino High School called Gamecon. Teams from all around the Southern California area attended the convention in order to both

bond, and learn new games. The players also had to be approved by the clubs manager,

Beatriz Medina.

Medina had been on the team since her freshman year and later became manager her       senior year. With the responsibilities of approving the players, Medina had difficulty      deciding who would perform first.

“We had a team full of strong talent, so we couldn’t choose with that supporting us,”

Medina said. We saw who were the people who came to practice on time, took our notes and applied them to their performance, and especially who was respectful.”

When stage lights came on and the game began, Jennifer Ruiz, 11, played games such as New Choice, World’s Worst, and Dating Game. Ruiz played during the first half on the  red team.

“I was nervous as heck, but when I was performing it felt right,” Ruiz said.

During the second half of the match, the players switched spots and new players

performed. Senior, Brock Marz, took the stage and played in front of his peers.

“It felt like a big relief, after all that time of practicing,” Marz said. “It just felt like it all

finally paid off, especially when you hear the crowd laugh at one of your own lines.”

The relationships backstage made the players more comfortable on stage, which made for a funnier scene. With bonding days, weekly practices and away games the players had

formed strong relationships where everyone could be themselves.

When reflecting on the first day of tryouts, Ryan Gutierrez, 12, said “I went to a lot of

the games and thought ‘wow, this is amazing’ I thought the environment was just so

friendly and welcoming, I thought I would give it a shot. Now that I’m on the team, it

feels amazing being a part of something I didn’t know about at first but now see how big of a world Comedy Sportz is. I definitely wish I would have joined a lot sooner.”

The game ended with a score of 43-38 and Downey’s red team won. But in the end it is

not about who wins, it is about the audience having a good time and making them laugh