Views from the Six Pop Style

Chelsea Mendoza, Staff Writer / Photographer

Canadian rapper, Drake, whose main inspiration for his songs derives from the city where he was raised, came out with his new album, Views from the 6 on April 29. The album brings out Drake’s vulnerable side because his lyrics talk about the complications he has with the women he cares about and how much he wants them back in his life. Drake takes a different approach in the song “Pop Style,” because he strived away from his gloomy vibes, to a more upbeat song on his album. Drake expresses how his success as a rapper brings a lot of enemies, like in the lyrics “They still out to get me, they don’t get it I can not be gotten, that’s a given…They been out here tryna slide on me, They been out here telling lies on me, Everybody looking out for themselves, But they still got they eyes on me.” This Means his enemies want to watch him fail, since he is the biggest name in the music industry right now. Many have even tried to spread rumors about the authenticity of his writing. Meek Mill and other rap artists have accused Drake of having ghostwriters to write his songs. Drake has proved them wrong with this amazing album.