Going Hard in the Green

Bruno Braka, Staff Photographer

Competing against Warren High School in a double header, Coach Bean and the Downey High School’s girls golf team teed off on Sep. 29 and Oct. 1 at the Rio Hondo Golf Course. Both teams played for the number two spot in their league.

Freshmen, Allison Letender has been interested in golf ever since she started playing in the summer, with the rest of her team. Letender has played miniature golf since she was young with her father; he ultimately had influenced her to join.

“I started practicing in the summer and we have been playing ever since the first day of school,” Letender said.

Teeing off multiple times with sophomore, Arti Patel, senior, Magalee Frometa and the rest of their team, the girls together to defeat Warren on Sep. 29 (238-242), but the girls lost on Thursday, Oct. 1 (251-264). Due to this, they were placed third in their rankings.

Golf has had an impacting effect on the young girls’ high school experiences. It has taught them different lessons and it has brought them together as a family. The girls have created moments they won’t forget.

“Golf has made me more social and responsible and it’s fun playing with the girls,” Patel said. “We’ve became close and it’s cool hanging out with them.”

Stepping up for the team, junior, Cynthia Reyes, and Patel have been playing and improving since freshmen year. Their teammates look up to them because they will be their leaders in the season to come.

“Next season I want all the girls to practice second semester,” Reyes said. “Last year I did and it helped me; if I can do it, they can,”

Playing since freshman year as well, senior, Vivian Garcia, has exceeded expectations and made a name for herself. She has become the team’s top scorer and she has been there to help out the girls when needed.

“I’d like to continue golf in the future and maybe walk on in college,” Garcia said.

Captain Garcia and the rest of the Downey girls (3-3) are preparing to play in the preliminary matches at Rio Hondo on Tuesday, Oct. 20.