ASA Entertainment visits Downey High

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

As bullying becomes a worldwide issue, Downey High School arranged a visit from ASA Entertainment which took place on Wednesday, April 13, in order to create a powerful bullying prevention assembly.


Unlike an ordinary assembly, ASA entertainment gave their lectures through pro skating and BMX riding in order to connect with the student body as they were speaking about the determinants of bullying and how to prevent it.


Sophomore, Issaia Beltran felt moved by the assembly due to the fact that he has recently found a passion in skateboarding.


“This assembly really caught my attention because it wasn’t a normal sit down and listen lecture; it was interactive and exciting,” Beltran said. “Having the X Games medalist perform really made me want to listen to the words that were being said, which is good because bullying is a serious topic.”


The main purpose of the ASA entertainment Tour is to provide schools with the information needed to prevent bullying. As the skaters performed tricks on the half pipe they described different types of bullying to the audience.


With a positive view on a negative topic, Celeste Sanfelippo, 11, shares her story on how she took the topic and created it into something that affected her life in a positive way just like the ASA Entertainment tour does.


“Bullying has affected my whole life. What I mean by that is now I am stronger than others mentally. My advice to other people who are getting bullied is to stay strong and go see someone who you trust,” Sanfelippo said.


Downey High School’s student body was gathered outside to listen, as the message of peer-to peer bullying was discussed.


The assembly created a memory for senior, Lesley Delgadillo, has spent these last weeks trying to spread more information about bullying to the student body.


“This assembly really motivated me to spread the word about bullying as much as possible,” Delgadillo said. “Although I only have a couple weeks left of high school I hope the ASA Entertainment comes again next year because it really brought great information in such an attention grabbing way.”
The ASA Entertainment tour put on a successful assembly for Downey High School as these pro-skaters continue their tour in hopes of spreading the topic of bullying prevention in a creative way to other high schools in the nation.