From A Theater Far, Far Away

Alex Castillo, Copy Editor

Students made their way to the Downey High School theater as the lights dimmed for a special showing of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope on Wed., Nov. 4 in anticipation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


ASB President, Carlos Agredano, 12, recalls his earliest memories about the Star Wars franchise. Agredano grew up around these films and has a deep emotional tie to all of them.


Star Wars is one of the most epic trilogies and I consider it a huge part of my life,” Agredano said. “I grew up with Star Wars and it’s something I don’t want to grow out of.”


As the Junior Class Representative in ASB, Sunny Gill, 11, must find ways to relate to his fellow classmates. Most teenagers have parents that grew up with the release of these films, and Gill is no exception.


“I can totally call myself a super fan of Star Wars. I’ve seen every movie since my parents love the whole series,” Gill said. “I’ve actually seen even the ones that were pretty bad.”


Isaac Hernandez, 12, the Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations in ASB, also shares a common love of the Star Wars series with many of his classmates.


“My favorite scene is in Episode V when Yoda first meets Luke and and messed with Luke’s stuff,” Hernandez said. “It’s probably the funniest scene in a serious set of movies.”


Movies can affect a wide variety of people and keep people interested into the storyline even years after the film’s release. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has released presale tickets to compensate for the high demand of tickets. The new Star Wars film can be found in theaters on Dec. 18.