The Life of a Hero

Karla Ramirez and Sabrina Picou

The Downey community was brought together on the night of Nov. 18 by the loss of Officer Ricardo “Ricky” Galvez. Although physically gone, this community has made sure that his life is not only mourned but that it is celebrated. The memory of this hero will prevail in the hearts and minds of many.


“Officer Galvez definitely does not want us to mourn him,” Eduardo Bayardo, ROP Law Enforcement student, said. “He lived his life a moment at a time, and I think he wants to be remembered as the officer who brightened everyone’s day. He set forth maximum effort and dedication to this community and the Downey Police Department.”


Officer Galvez was a respected and well-liked five-year veteran of the Downey Police Department. He presented his great heart and goodwill through his actions. Shining a light on his life, accomplishments, and good doing is how he should be remembered.


Colleague and friend, principal of Downey High School, Tom Houts, expresses how immensely the community has contributed to keep the memory of Officer Galvez alive.


“I think that the memory that will always [stand out] is going over the day after he was killed, to the police department, and watching how sad all the other officers were as they took his body to the car and took him away,” Houts said. “I was really impressed by the support of other cities in the area. I mean at the funeral they had police officers from New York City, up and northern California, Chicago. They came from all out, so I was really impressed by how police officers support each other and the fire department too.”


Galvez was, and continues to be, an exceptional role-model. Being a former US Marine who served both in Afghanistan and Iraq, Galvez was an inspiration to many, especially to young men who wish to protect our country as courageously as he did.


“Officer Galvez is forever a hero in Downey. There is no single aspect about him that makes him a hero; he is a role-model for many and he is the ideal police officer,” Eduardo Bayardo said. “He touched a lot of lives, and he is to remain alive in our memories forever.”


An honorable and self-less man, Officer Ricky Galvez will always be remembered for his charisma and the dedication he gave to his job serving our community. Present in our hearts and minds, this hero will continue to live on through every life he shined a light on.